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Marrying award winning creativity
with cutting edge usability.

A beautiful web site would be nothing without a well designed and properly built UX/UI. Here at feast we do both!

Our award winning team collectively has decades of years experience designing and building websites for clients in and outside of the creative arts industries.

Our custom built Wordpress based platform is used by theatres, venues, touring shows and production companies around UK & The World to manage their ticket sales, fundraising, marketing, customer relationship - as well as the easy day to day running of their website.
Understanding the needs of the

Arts & Entertainment Sectors

From ticket sales and box office integration to collecting subscriptions and donations to managing venues and tours to conversion tracking and customer management....

Our powerful yet flexible management system has been developed specifically for the unique needs of clients in the Arts and Entertainment sectors, while our award winning design team understands the key aims and challenges of the target audience.

Most of our sites are developed on our custom CMS that is already plugged into many 3rd party software (such as ticketing and box office systems) allowing for seamless and rapid development. This allows us to focus resources on the user journey and key business objectives.

Here at Feast we’ve had the pleasure of helping a wide range of arts and entertainment companies.
Queens Theatre, Hornchurch
A fully accessible, mobile-first website refresh with integration into the SeatGeek ticketing system and their on-site box office

Queens theatre, a long established and respected theatre in Hornchurch were looking for a new platform which would give them the tools they need to better engage with their audience. They approached us to research, build and develop a new site for them based on the Feast CMS.
Accessible & Mobile-First Web Design

In today's digital age, having a website that is both accessible and mobile-friendly is no longer just an option – it's a necessity.

We are proud of our accessible website, ensuring that all users, regardless of their abilities, can easily navigate and use our sites. This means incorporating features such as alt tags for images, easy-to-read fonts, and keyboard navigation options.

Our mobile-first design approach means that our websites are optimised for mobile devices and accessing content on the go. All our designs are responsive, focusing on touch-friendly and streamlined navigation for mobiles while still being fully
Powerful & Secure CMS

All our websites are built on the Feast CMS, a heavily customised content management system based on a wordpress core

Developed specifically for the needs of clients in the Arts and Entertainment sectors and using Wordpress as the core architecture ensures the perfect mix between ease of use and power.

All the core features needed for those in the theatre and arts sectors are included by default, while our inhouse developers are able to build whatever custom functionality clients need.
Palace Theatre, Watford
Website upgrade onto the Feast Theatre CMS within integration into Spektrix Ticketing

Palace theatre asked us to develop a new site which would both improve their patron's web experience and make it easier for staff to manage the website.

We redesigned and rebuilt their site from the ground up, focusing on the user journey, the ease of booking and overall customer outcome - all built into the Feast CMS.
"Feast instantly understood what we were looking for, worked closely with us throughout the entire process and delivered a great website.
We're really pleased with the result"
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