Top Tips: HTML Email

A bespoke HTML email gives the ability to customise formatting, colours and layout to make an email visually more interesting than a plain text email. By using this approach, there is a higher chance a recipient will be enticed to engage with the content and therefore, is one of the top tools still widely used in marketing campaigns. However, there are certain rules to abide by when designing and building an HTML email, as most mailing systems have different setups when it comes to sending and receiving emails. These will affect how an HTML email is displayed on different email clients. Follow these top tips to maximise the best engagement.

1. Call to Action
Call to action (CTA) should be placed at the start of an email as the majority of recipients will likely only view the top portion of an email. By placing CTAs at the start, this increases the chances of engaging the recipient into reading the remainder of the email and/or acting upon it.

2. HTML Text and Imagery
Important content is best designed as HTML text, as a large majority of mailing systems will block images, unless subscribers have opted in to allow them. Imagery can also take time to download so without vital information as HTML text it’s likely that recipients will move on from the email.

3. Clear Messaging
The best way to convey your message is to be clear and concise. This can be achieved by good use of branding and headings to give detail on who’s sending the email and what it is about. There shouldn’t be too many messages or topics covered in the email to avoid confusion or dilution of the key message.